Sat 30 November 2013
Handling SSL Certificates in Android

Overview The basic need behind SSL in general, is that the client needs to be sure that the server is honest about who it claims it is. That is, if the server says it is, the client needs to be sure (to trust) that this is a true …

Fri 01 November 2013
Using a Preloaded sqlite database with SQLiteOpenHelper

Lots of time you have an already created and populated sqlite database file that you want to use with your android application. SQLiteOpenHelper provides some useful functionality that we don't want to loose. So, we are going to modify the behavior of SQLiteOpenHelper to do the job.

Fri 01 November 2013
Using Sqlite Natively on Android

Android applications usually do not need to start with a preloaded database file. Usually, the application will rely on a web service to persist such data. And when it needs, it asks the web service for the data it needs. The use of SQLiteOpenHelper fits well with such use case. But in the rare situations when the application needs to start with a pre-loaded database, you have to manipulate the SQLiteOpenHelper to play nicely.